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Music and Sound Design by SeguinSound – enjoy!

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Tactical Soldier is a new game being released by Full Control/Wit Entertainment with Music and Sound Design by SeguinSound.  You can read more about it here – but check out the trailer below:

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Well, as most folks know by now, that Mac App Store (patterned off the über-successful iTunes Store and iOS App Store) has launched and many developers have moved to it to distribute their games on the Mac platform in a convenient manner.  Apple handles all the billing and distribution in exchange for a cut of the amount sold.  I thought this might be worth a blog post since there are several games that are live there right now featuring music and/or sound design by SeguinSound!  Check them out!

Hordes of Orcs 2

Monster Ball

Smack Hockey

All three are fun games and I encourage you to check them out in the Mac App Store!

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Seguin Sound Studios is pleased to announce the addition of Pro Tools 9 to our software arsenal enabling the output of industry-standard Pro Tools sessions for easy importation to your projects.  Pro Tools will, for the most part, sit at the end of the workflow, after Logic Pro Studio which will remain our primary writing system.

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I just added a SoundCloud account and used their widgets to power an interactive audio demo on my site.  I’m very impressed!  I was able to even make markers to highlight different parts of some my demo mixes.  I hope you enjoy them!