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Well, as most folks know by now, that Mac App Store (patterned off the über-successful iTunes Store and iOS App Store) has launched and many developers have moved to it to distribute their games on the Mac platform in a convenient manner.  Apple handles all the billing and distribution in exchange for a cut of the amount sold.  I thought this might be worth a blog post since there are several games that are live there right now featuring music and/or sound design by SeguinSound!  Check them out!

Hordes of Orcs 2

Monster Ball

Smack Hockey

All three are fun games and I encourage you to check them out in the Mac App Store!

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Making a perfectly looping track is more difficult than it can seem.  Many audio programs generate “extra” stuff at the beginning and end of your bounces, making perfectly times loops difficult.  In this video, I demonstrate how to avoid this problem by using a “Make Markers from Tempo” function in Peak Pro.  Similar functionality may exist in other two-track editing software.

To best view the post, I recommend clicking through to load this in youtube and then view full screen in 720P mode.